Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cloudy Sky

So I was so blocked I couldn't draw which is what I like to do best but it takes a lot of focus and concentration to use the nib and ink.  So an artist friend named David Junod (  suggested I just relax and have fun with paint and just kind of mess around.  Those weren't his exact words but it was something like that.  Anyway I just slopped paint on a canvas and this is what I got.  Actually, I sat down to paint a butterfly....  and this is how my butterfly turned out.  It's not really my thing to paint like this but David was right..I just had fun and did whatever and it helped me get back into it and now I'm working on some other stuff.  Thank you David!  


  1. The cloud that moves and stuggles by..
    Reflects the broken butterfly..
    That from within can feel the pain
    Of recent times that still remain..

    Yet flutter on my flying friend..
    Who knows where journeys taken end..
    On wings of silk let spirit fly..
    And leave the past that was to die.

    Beauty is for yours to hold..
    It lies within your Angel Soul.x

  2. I am so pleased that something inspires you to write these lovely poems...they make my day. Thank you my Anonymous poet..xn