Monday, April 9, 2012

"Stan in a Frame" backstory

This is "Stan in a Frame. My friend's 3 year old son told her he wanted a gray cat which he would name Stanley, but they're not "cat people" so he wasn't gonna be getting a cat.   I thought maybe I would paint one for him.   At first it was a cat standing amongst flowers and grass.  That looked a little too cheesy to me.  Then it was a cat in the bushes which just looked weird.  So then I just put a frame around the cat and added more bushes.  And he was white not gray.  But I did name him Stan. 


  1. Stan oh Stan my wistful friend, life in a frame may never end...
    but drift away with passing time..
    With mistress that cannot be thine..
    So smile that smile that means so much.
    To those of us that cannot touch..
    and think of those that care so much.

  2. I'm sending this to Stan in his new home. He'll love it.