Thursday, October 3, 2013

"October Pink"

I don't paint abstracts very often.  Pretty much never.  I'm all about tiny details because all my life I've worked with india ink drawing pictures made of a million little dots and lines so even transitioning over to using paint was a big deal...but I kept the ink and the deatails and added the paint and found a way to do it that I loved.

But when I found out I had breast cancer, even though I didn't want it to, it's had a way of consuming a lot of time and a lot of my focus..which by the way is pretty annoying.

Anyways I've found it all but impossible to focus well enough to paint the way I usually do and finally, I wanted to paint something so much I decided to do an abstract instead.
It's so much easier and freer and looser for me to paint this way and actually, I wound up really liking the painting.

I made it because it's breast cancer awareness month and well, I have breast cancer, so I thought I'd make something for it.  Since I had such a good time doing it and I like it  I may do a bunch of abstracts and see where it all goes.

I think, for me, this painting shows how I'm feeling at the moment; I can still see the beauty in the world but it's a bit blurred by present circumstance.  But it's still may be a bit out of focus...but the beauty is still there.

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