Thursday, October 10, 2013

Do No Harm

Here is Sammy. This morning at 3:20am she was not asleep as she usually is at that time. Instead she was sitting calmly on the little rug at the foot of the bed, the one beneath the antique trunk...just sitting near a mouse that appeared to be dead. A MOUSE. Not an almost, maybe kinda cute tiny mouse....a LARGE mouse... on it's side, it's front feet curled under it's's back legs sticking straight out.

Did you know that mice play dead? I did not know that...not until this morning at 3:22am which is when the mouse I thought was dead jumped up and scurried under my bed. MY BED!! Sam seemed calm and amused by it all. While I was nearing heart failure caused by mouse panic she eventually just left the mouse under the bed and went off to sleep on her heated couch. She is no killer. I raised her well.

I called my ex who lives nearby...hearing me hyperventilate and going off the deep end in that Italian/French way I can go off, he came right over and captured the poor mouse who was screaming in fear...did you know that mice scream in fear? I did not...I was deeply pained by it's screams. We released it outdoors unharmed. I am proud of all three of us. Especially my sweet Sammy. She does not hurt others even though she can.

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