Saturday, June 21, 2014

Tears From Somewhere

Tears from Somewhere 

Can you tell me why you're crying?
I'm not sure. No. I just feel all I want to do is cry. Like I can't stop.
You're doing so well. Do you see how far you've come?
No. No. I don't. I just feel tired. I don't see the point of all this.
Is that why you're crying?
No. Maybe. Why bother? I'm too tired to keep doing all this.
Are you crying cause you're tired?
No. I don't know why. I just can't stop.
You know when you were a child and you fell and you cried hysterically and sobbed and couldn't stop? Is it like that?
Yes. Something's been hurt and I'm crying.
Okay. That's it then. You can cry all you want you know. You have been badly hurt. Of course you would cry. It's alright to cry like a hurt child.
Yes. That's how I feel. Thank you.
It will get better. It is getting better right now. have stopped crying now.
Yes. I have. 
Thank you. I see that the tears can stop.

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