Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How Stan got framed

I was working on my artwork library and realized that I had all three versions of "Stan in a Frame".
I thought it was fun to see where it started and how it changed so I thought I'd post them all together so you could see the progression as well. 

I actually began this painting based on a story about my friend's 3 year old son having asked her to get a cat for him.  Specifically a grey cat which he wanted to name Stanley.  I knew she wasn't getting him a cat so I thought I would paint one for him instead.  But as you can see it turned into something else.

I thought the first version lacked something and was too hallmark greeting card and the second version was just sort of a mess. So I decided to work on the foliage and frame Stan's face because at the time I was working on it,  it was the part of the painting I really loved.

Stan got a new home a few days after I put him in that frame.   


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  1. Stan is a beautiful cat...in all three versions. Bet your little buddy was happy :)