Friday, June 29, 2012

"The Path" or why I don't do landscapes very often

This is one of the first paintings I ever did.  It was fun and for a first try it's pretty good.  But I always wind up craving my india ink and fine details.  I just think I do what I love to do with ink and color and that's actually what more people respond to as well, probably because I love doing is fun to try different things and it teaches me new techniques...but I don't think landscapes are ever going to be my favorite thing to paint. 

The natalie singer


  1. It is beautiful! Yes, keep doing what you love, you can always change your mind at any point. Art is free and flexible. : )

  2. I think our "gut" always leads us down the right path!!! (though experimenting helps us find that path!) Happy Creating!!! :D