Sunday, May 13, 2012

"Window Seat"

Today is mother's day and I was thinking about that I mom and my grandmother are both gone...actually a lot of my family passed away when I was still a preteen..... but my mother died several years ago.

So I was thinking about her and her mother and was remembering my grandmother's house, the upstairs part.  It's where I stayed when I was a little kid and we'd visit my grandparents.  And then I realized Sam, my cat, was my kid in a way; and so this picture is of Sam on her window seat and some odd version of the room I'd stay in at grandmother's house, all mixed up into one little drawing.

"Window Seat" drawing by Natalie Singer


  1. Awwww, this is a nice story Natalie! So sad to lose a mother. Grandparents are so special too. A very nice memory that you captured!

  2. Sad but comforting, Natalie Singer...nice work!

  3. I sat here another life,
    And dreamed the dream to which we all strive.
    And in that thought I fell in love ,with a photograph
    Not real but in my heart,
    Forever to be true
    To a photograph I gave my heart
    And in my dreams I dream of you.

  4. My favorite "anonymous" poet is back. So does that mean you like my picture? :)

  5. "In my dreams I dream of you" :)*

  6. is lovely :)

  7. Hi Natalie...,such a wonderful Blog and such great work...

  8. Stephen! Thank you so's really wonderful to have you here....xxn