Friday, April 20, 2012

Today I am a lump

Today I am a lump.  I'm annoyingly aware I have eyelids because they weigh about a quarter of a pound each and keep trying to close.  I'm trying to get something done but am fumbling everything today.  The reason is a homeopathic sleeping pill I took last night.  Okay I took two of them. And they work really well.  Then I wound up not sleeping them off long enough.  So now I'm moving in slow motion, calling people for pretty much no reason and struggling to remember my cat's name.

So I made a decision to buy a coke hoping the caffeine and sugar would wake me up long enough to get something productive done.  I go into Jack's, this tiny neighborhood of those places you rarely see anymore.  The guys behind the counter, they all know you....there's always someone hanging out gossiping...they eat lunch while they ring you up.

Anyway I go up to the counter and it's "hey what's up"..."I'm good, you?"  blah blah blah.  I pull my debit card out of my wallet and for some reason use too much strength and it just soars right past Buford, yes his name is Buford, past the end of the counter, bounces off the wall behind him and then hits the floor, all as though I just threw it at him.  I'm was so chilled out from those pills I say only "".    I'm guessing he thought I was being "a rude Yankee" but being a  Southern gentleman, he said nothing and instead just stared at me like there was a cigar smoking duck sitting on my head.

And the coke didn't work.  I'm thinking writing this is all I'm gonna get done today.



  1. Some days, isn't it better to just cancel activities and chill? I enjoyed the story and sit here wondering if you're describing your day or providing entertainment. Quite nice, Natalie. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Larry....yes, that was a part of my day and if my writing about it provided some entertainment for you then I actually got more done than I thought. xxn

  3. I had a similar day yesterday...minus the pills. My paying job has that effect on me.