Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Going in Peace

I've think that when life gets difficult you don't have as much time and energy to waste on drama and other nonsense because just getting through becomes your priority.  And you know what's great about those times?  The truly important things about life come to the forefront, and all the extraneous, time wasting, energy sucking people and things cease to matter.  It's as though one is forced to be very serious and aware about what we really need from life.....the clarity that that can bring changes the more difficult times into a time of inner peace and even happiness. When the things that really don't matter, the things that bring stress or toxicity to our lives suddenly become less possible to bear, it's like a gift has been bestowed on us.   When it comes to those things, it's the best feeling in the world to just not give a shit about them anymore.  With that comes the ability to just go in peace.

(The picture is mine...it's titled "Peace Sign")

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