Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This blog is called the "Art of Life".  But I'm not sure I know anything about the art of life or if there's even really an art to it.  I seem to mostly stumble through it and then once in awhile I feel like I get it, how it works. There are times I feel like I've moved an inch or two in a direction I wanted to go in and I get excited and a little joyful. 

But then the mechanism of life I have no control over pulls rank and I stumble again.  Sometimes I'm knocked to the ground and can't get back up for awhile.  I think it's during the times I am down and feel like I can't get back up is when I see who I am.  I see more clearly.  I see who the people in my life really are and what all of us are made of.  What all of us give to one another.  I'm shown who is willing to reach out a hand and help me back on my feet and that gesture gives me back some strength of spirit to keep going and move another inch or two in the direction I want to go. 

So those moments I stumble can hurt but are the ones filled with the most truth.
And the truth makes me soar. The truth feels real and pure and important and can fill with me with exuberance.
So I've come to understand that my stumbling and falling can bring me joy.


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